WordPress: Five Reasons Why We Love It!

(That’s digital speak for a software that helps users create and manage the images and text for their website without needing to know any code.)

Developed initially as an open source (ie free) blogging platform, since its launch in 2003 WordPress has been constantly refined, tested and enhanced. Today it has grown into a world-class website publishing platform used by leading international brands.

There’s a whole host of reasons why we love WordPress, but here are our top five:

1. Easy to use

Developed initially as a simple system for non-tech savvy bloggers with little or no knowledge of actual coding, it is incredibly user-friendly. So, after we have built your bespoke website and it is up and running (and after a tour of WordPress) you should easily be able to handle the updates yourself. (And if not, don’t worry, we are on hand to help: See our support plans).

2. Customisable and extremely flexible

WordPress was designed to be extended, and that’s what makes it so flexible. Thousands of plug-ins add functionality to the basic system, so whether you need a simple contact form or an all-singing, all-dancing ecommerce system, there’s a feature (or plug-in) in to meet your business needs. At Individualise we have built websites incorporating ebooks (Individualise), Instagram feeds (WannabeYogi), video (Warwickshire Media) and membership sites (The Fundamentals) – the possibilities are endless. If you decide to use WordPress you opt for a freedom and flexibility that means your website can grow with your business needs.

3. Getting exponentially better

As an open-source community software, WordPress is available to all. There are no license fees for the core software and all updates are free – for life! The software is maintained and constantly developed by a group of volunteer programmers – many of whom are WordPress consultants like Nic – who all have an active interest in serving the community’s needs. This means that WordPress evolves on a daily basis, improving its features and user experience. Improvements are just that – and not dictated by schedules and profit margins that proprietary software is subject to.

4. Secure

WordPress uses a comprehensively peer-reviewed source code and regular updates provided by WordPress ensure that any site built on its (already secure) software protects your website from future vulnerability. Using WordPress also means that we can use secure hosting that is set up specifically for it (making it even more secure and easier to maintain), and that also includes regular security checks and back ups. Our support plans include this every month, so there’s no worry that your site may go down or is vulnerable to attack. If that happens we’ll fix it. We know the importance of your website and how it affects your business if it goes down.

5. Streets ahead for SEO

Whilst it’s true that you need to put the work in to enable people searching on the Internet to find your website, WordPress provides various tools to enable you be more effective at this. Furthermore, WordPress gives website designers the basis to build responsive sites for all devices, including tablets and mobile phones. If your website doesn’t work properly on all devices, Google won’t place you high up in its search rankings. It’s as simple as that.

And Finally…

We aren’t the only ones who love WordPress. It’s considered so robust and flexible that many high-profile companies choose to power their websites with it, including Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, LinkedIn and eBay, among others.

Designers are fascinated by its versatility and the range of adaptations possible with it. Users love its simplicity and effectiveness.

It goes without saying that Individualise’s own website is built on it.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this amazing community?


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